Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Run, run, run.

Well, after stalling on the training for a few several-day increments, I'm feeling it . . . Granted, I'm in the section of training where I'm still walk-running a lot of it, but I'm trying to keep my walk breaks to a minimum.

I had the pure delight to meet and run with Jeff Galloway last week and I kept up with him as he led the group in a 3 mile fun run. He also autographed my book and let me take a picture with him (I'll post it up later).

So I'm inspired . . . I also picked up a foam roller at Fleet Feet (where the Galloway event was held), so I have no excuse to not work on my temperamental hip. Psoas muscle be darned!

Am also trying to work on doing pilates more (to build up my postural muscles so my back doesn't ache so much while I run) and trying to climb more (strengthening exercise that torches calories? sign me up!).

But it's a work in progress . . . Have discovered my pure joy at running trails -- SO much more fun and interesting than road racing. I don't know why I never tried it before!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I was supposed to run for 50 minutes yesterday, but since my plans for the run included a strong, overzealous 70-lb. golden retriever and a crowded beach, I got in a good 20 minutes (ish . . . probably more like 15) and called it good.

Today, it took me foreeeeeeeeever to get the lead out and actually put my freakin' shoes on, but it was good once I did. It took me about the same amount of time to run the 3-mile out-and-back from last week (2.77 in 37:44), but I was definitely sluggish as I ate nothing but junk today. Seriously. Just plain junk.

I tried to redeem myself with a salad for dinner (romaine, lentils, feta and artichokes with some olive oil and lemon juice), but of course, the amount of junk consumed in the last 24 hours probably completely undid every ounce of goodness of that salad in triplicate.

Better luck tomorrow.

It's a rest day tomorrow according to my training, but maybe a two-mile jog in the morning would be good -- you know . . . to make up for my failed attempt at beach running with the pooch. :)