Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thoughts from a chubby runner.

I won't even tell you how much I ran (or didn't run) last night. I mean, I have never liked treadmills, but since it was dark, I live in a city and would be running by myself, I opted to stay inside, jump on the StarTrac and crank out a few miles.

Or so I thought . . .

Let's put it this way, the caloric burn calculator on the treadmill estimated that I burned 29 calories. Yeah, you read that right.


So I'm looking into a membership at the Arillaga Sports Center. It's on Stanford's campus, has state-of-the-art everything and one of the perks of being a hospital employee is being able to use it for the low price of $20. For $20, I get an ID that they can swipe at the door and let me in -- no monthly fees.

We're working on this, Body. We can do it!!!

But oh man, if that treadmill didn't make me feel like a joke.

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